Sunny greetings from York!

Today, I am reporting about my one-day girls roadtrip to the beautiful and historical city of York that is located in the North-East of England.


Founded in 71 AD by the Romans as Eboracum and known as Jorvik by the vikings the name of the city changed serveral times until it got its contemporary title of ‘York’.   2016-04-03 12.41.19

The city is known to have the longest and best-preserved town walls in England. It is home to over 200.000 people and is officially titled the Most Haunted City in Europe.

As a town with a chequered history and a great amount of so called snickelways – secret medieval passageways, alleys and paths – York was awarded this title in 2002 by the International Ghost Research Foundation. Until today I didn’t know that such an organization even existed 😀 .

As you can see on the picture I was so happy when we safely arrived in York after a 2,5 h drive – it was the first time I drove on the wrong side of the road 🙂 And it was easier than expected! Trust me, if you are an experienced driver and practice for 1-2 hours before you start, you will be ready to drive on the left side – even if you have to shift manually.

As we arrived in York it was already lunchtime. To avoid a hord of girls walking around with empty stomaches and grumpy mood, we decided to have a bite at the Revolution Bar next to river Ouse. This time I chose the Goddess Burger that was composed of chicken meat, salad and a delicious home-made avocado cream – yummi! With it I ordered a ginger beer which is created by the natural fermentation of prepared ginger spice, yeast and sugar. Ginger beer is quite popular in Great Britain and originates from the colonial spice trade with the Orient and the sugar producing islands of the Caribbean. It is the kind of drink which you either like or you don’t like at all 🙂 .

After lunch we decided to visit York’s chocolate museum to create our personal chocolate lollipops. York is known for its long history of chocolate production. Famous chocolate factories like Nestlé (formerly Rowntrees) and Terry’s (now belonging to Kraft) evolved here and created popular brands like Kit Kat. Hence, if you are a chocolate lover you definitely have to visit this tiny little museum and enjoy a guided tour – it’s absolutely worth it! And a tip for all boys out there: it’s a great place to have a first date 🙂 .

After our museum visit we decided to explore the town and it’s sight seeing hotspots.

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One of the main attractions of York is the York Minster – the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It took 250 years of construction until it was consecrated in 1472. Today it shapes the city’s appearance and provides an amazing view on top of it.

We also climbed up the famous Clifford’s Tower. It represents almost all of the remaining parts of the York Castle which was built by William the Conqueror 1068-9. Once, it hosted a prison and a royal mint. Today, you can enjoy a great view on the city up there.

Finally, we stopped for a bite at Lucia – a cosy restaurant that serves Mediterranean food. With some glasses of red wine and water (for me as driver 😦 ) we enjoyed ourselves and a lot of very delicious tapas 🙂 .

Thank you very much for reading my post about my trip to York! I hope you enjoyed reading it and now want to visit this beautiful city in the North of England.

If you have already been in York – please share your favourite places with us! Which restaurants can you recommend and which places to go?

See you soon!







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